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Last Updated: 4/15/20

About the XR Artist Toolkit

The XR Artist Toolkit exists to make the XR artmaking process less about frustrating technical roadblocks, and more about exploring creative possibilities. I'm making it a personal mission to dig through documentation and forum posts so you don't have to! :)

Along the way I hope to highlight awesome contributions from the community, and help develop streamlined workflows for XR Art.
This toolkit is meant for artists with a traditional 3D / Game Design background, folks who are new to XR Art, and everyone in between.

My hope is that the XR Artist Toolkit helps artists move effortlessly between software. If you're an institution, individual, or studio who finds this project useful, tag your work with #XRArtistToolkit so I can share it! ✌️

About Me

Hi! 👋 My name is Jose Andres.  I create and develop with XR tools and software. In 2018 I moved from Baltimore to Oakland. Prior to exploring this new creative frontier, I spent my time creating motion graphics, projection mapping, vjing , and designing interactive installations. These days you can find me traversing the metaverse, connecting the dots wherever I can.

In 2018, after a chance encounter with the co creator of the XR Artists Collective, Kevin Ang, I was inducted into the group. I can't say enough about the impact this collective has had on me. Its easy to get siloed as an artist, especially with an immersive medium like XR. But breakthroughs really do happen when you realize that you aren't alone.

Inspired by the incredible talents of fellow artists and the support from a worldwide community, I set out to create this toolkit of resources.

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